The Otley Ale Trail


The Historic Otley Ale Trail

The popular leaflet describing Otley’s famous old and existing pubs (Last update May 2016) is now available. – or click on the adjacent leaflet image or pick up a free copy at any of Otley’s pubs..

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Your Guide To Otley`s Famous Pubs

Come and enjoy the numerous pubs in the historic market town of Otley, with tales of ales, liberal licensing hours, legendary landlords, guzzling troops, feuds and ghosts.

The Historic Otley Ale Trail

Otley is a famous Yorkshire pub town and for a town of its size there are a surprising number of traditional pubs serving real ale and good beer. Indeed Otley has vied with a select handful of towns in England for the distinction of having the most pubs per head of population. At its highest number, Otley had over 30 pubs. Luckily 20 of these pubs are currently still open.

There are historical reasons why Otley has so many pubs. Old licensing laws permitted public houses to open all day on market days. The sites of the markets have changed over the years, and the pubs were established to serve their traders reflects this. As the town grew, more pubs were opened, to serve the workers in the various manufacturing industries. There were also several hotels constructed, one of which continues in its original role.

The Historic Otley Ale Trail

The Historic Otley Ale Trail is your guide to Otley pubs. The trail takes you round all the town`s pubs and shows you where Otley`s `lost pubs` used to be. In Otley, it is almost a case of what hasn`t, in the past, been a pub.

We Hope You Enjoy Visiting The Pubs And Exploring Otley

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