The Tapped Bar

Tapped Bar opened in December 2006 where drinkers were able to pull their own pints from self-service pumps. It was one of the first in the U.K. There was no need for queuing. All the customers had to do was pre-pay for the beer and beer taps were on the tables which allowed them to help themselves. The system worked, assisted by new computer software, which allowed the customers to order a set amount, after which the beer tap would automatically switch off. To get it turned on again they would have to pay more.

The owners, Ryan Blackburn, 23, and Dave McKendrick, 45, had found it to be a nuisance having to wait to be served at bars. The idea stemmed from Ryan who visited Malta where this service was provided, so when he returned, he did some research in England and found a company who could install the system. There were eight booths with their own San Miguel beer pumps, in addition to terrestrial and satellite TV at each table, along with free internet access. The bar provided a wide selection of other beers on the main bar, and if didn’t want a beer they had staff who would attend you and bring a bottle of wine or cocktails.

Was only open for a short while, followed by “Rocco” very briefly, and now is Mimmo’s – a licensed café bar.