Committee Members

You know the pubs, you know the web site, but who actually gives their time to make this all possible. Please find below our main Otley Pub Club Committee:

Honourary President: Greg Mulholland MP

Chairman: Andy Fitzgerald

Vice Chairman Barry Tomlinson

Treasurer: Ray Georgeson

Minutes Secretary: Bob Brook

Membership Secretary: Bob Brook

Media: Andrew McKeon

Pub Campaign Officer: Phil Greaves

Community Liason: Andy Fitzgerald and Wayne Green

Pub Liason Officer: Wayne Green

Webmaster: Barry Tomlinson

Camra Liason: Vacant Position

Licensees:     Bryony James

Committee Members:   Rod Brumfitt , Catriona Brook, Rosie Greaves

Consultant:      Peter Jackson

And obviously we couldn’t be a club without all our members who have signed up so far, so to you all we say a big thank you.


At the Otley Pub Club we would like to say a big thank you to the following people for all their time, effort, contribution and support to making this web site work.

  • Existing & Historical Photography: Elise Brumfitt*, Fiona Jacskon & Phil Greaves
  • Existing & Historical Content: Elise Brumfitt*

We would also thank the following orginisations for their continued support to the Otley Pub Club: