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APRIL FUEL! – Pun, not Portmanteau

Of course, you knHomer aleow by now that beer is my favourite fuel at any time of year, but should it be real ale, keg, porter, lager, stout or the new catch-all ‘craft beer’? With so many breweries around nowadays [Sir Gary Verity mentioned a figure of 200 in Yorkshire alone, at last week’s Otley Tourism Conference!] how do you know what’s what? Well last summer GQ magazine came up with “A Bullsh*!!er’s Guide to Craft Beer”, that might help a bit. (Or, you know, maybe you just want to see a picture of Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem drinking tiny glasses of lager!)



[This is nothing to do with beer being my favourite April fuel, of course!] This Elite Daily article “Six Legitimate Reasons You Should Date a Guy Who Drinks Beer” explains quite clearly why beer drinkers are the best! They’re uncomplicated, relaxed, sensible, smart, fun-loving and more, and although the article is American, it applies just as well over here.

(BTW, Thanks to Ainsty Ales of York – I pinched those 2 links from their Facebook page!)



Remember when the Hairy Bikers visited Otley months ago, and talked about Cromwell’s troops drinking the Black Bull dry? We promised at the time that we’d let you know when the programme they filmed in the pub was going to be on TV. Well we’ve just heard from the production company that the new series “The Pubs That Built Britain” is likely to begin on Monday April the 18th. Unfortunately the detailed schedules weren’t due out until after I needed to send out this invitation, but look out in the local press for confirmation, or check the BBC schedules for that week. [We believe it will be in Episode 1 – ‘Yorkshire’, on BBC2.]



We persuaded somRA2e members of the Roundhead Association to come along to the Black Bull to do a photoshoot to promote the Hairy Bikers’ programme above. They were so impressed both with Otley and with its pubs, that they agreed to come back in greater numbers in the summer. So on July 2nd and 3rd there’ll be a re-enactment of a Civil War battle on Wharfemeadows Park in Otley, alongside a ‘Living History’ exhibition of crafts, arms and artifacts, and trades from the 17th century. Watch out for more news about this major event in Otley over the next 3 months! In the meantime, you can get updates from Facebook – or Twitter – @Rd2MarstonMoor .


TOUR DE YORKSHIRE – #famouspubtown

Any budding artists out tfamouspubtownhere, who know a local landowner who’d like to lend us a field at the end of the month? At the Otley Tourism Conference last week, we were talking about the Tour de Yorkshire Stage 2 starting in town on Saturday the 30th of April. Sir Gary Verity suggested that a good way to get the town noticed and remembered would be by the use of ‘land art’ – you know, those human tableaux, or big ‘paintings’ in fields, that can be seen by the helicopter cameramen
as they fly over. We’d quite like to have something that recognises the value of Otley’s pubs, both to the community itself and to the visitors they attract. Unfortunately none of us has the time, the contacts or the skill [haha! As you can see from my effort here!] to produce a pint of beer made out of straw bales – or anything else. If you have the three things we’re lacking, please just go ahead on our behalf. Tell us where it is and we’ll promote it for you, and claim absolutely no credit whatsoever!



April’s meeting will be this Thursday, April 7th in Whitakers on Kirkgate, midway between the Parish Church and the traffic lights. As usual, the committee will be meeting first at 19:00 for a 19:15 start, and we always hope to be finished with any formal business by 20:00 so we can have a relaxed drink before moving on to the next pub. This week, that will be The Red Lion, next door! [from 20:45] and we’ll move on again to North Bar Social, round the corner on Bondgate at 21:30.

Everyone is welcIMGP0839ome to sit in on the committee meeting itself – and I know I’m getting boring saying this now, but we really do now need more help on the committee! A revised version of The Historic Ale Trail is in production; a debate on the European referendum is being planned; we’re collaborating with Otley Word Feast Press on the publication of a book of poems about pubs; and now there’s a Civil War event to plan, promote and deliver in just 12 weeks! An extra couple of brains and pairs of hands would come in very handy! [Especially ones who are experienced and successful at fundraising! We seem to keep coming up with ideas that cost money!]


AND . . .

. . . always keep checking the rest of the website for more news, and updates on future meetings. Hope to see you tomorrow [and of course every now and again in Otley’s pubs!]


Bob Brook

OPC Secretary

06 March 2016

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