Test events

This would be the front or news and events page . The calendar on the right would replace the charity amounts box

An add on that will allow the input of repeat events will cost 65 dollars for a year (although this could be done manually through a csv file periodically)

another add on allows specific users to add their own events . cost another 65 dollars for  a year

Whats Available

Check here to see whats available in the famous pubs of Otley.

Pub Food opening times


Bed & Breakfasts

3 available, plus one real cider

Sky Sports

Yes, until 9pm

BT Sports

we love ’em 

Beer Gardens

Street parking available and car parks nearby.

Pub Games
Free WI-FI

The Cloud.

Car Parking



11.00 —12.00 — 1.00 — 2.00 — 3.00 — 4.00 — 5.00 — 6.00 — 7.00 — 8.00 — 9.00 —10.00 —11.00

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