(What’s on in the pubs up to Otley Food & Drink Festival? That’s right at the end!)

It’s been all about Chippendale in Otley in June, starting with the birthday party in Stew & Oyster on Saturday the 2nd; then BBC Radio Leeds breakfast show with Richard Stead was live from the same location between 6am and 9am on Tuesday the 5th; that night around 150 people enjoyed a music concert with an 18th century connection, in the Parish Church; then in that same location was a ‘junk or jewel’ Antiques Roadshow-type valuation session. Andit’s not over yet! See below for the next couple of weeks’ events.

On top of being involved in all that, I was also planning the arrival of the Thwaites dray to take part in the Otley carnival parade last Saturday and [as all journalists finally end up writing about themselves – they just can’t help it] I had a few personal events to plan and/or take part in. First was a Yorkshire 3 Peaks walk on my 70th birthday – which failed a bit because of the >50mph winds on the tops; second was a visit to Aireborough beer festival the next day – which left me a bit under the weather for Saturday .  .  .  ;  when I was with the Thwaites dray for most of the day, before .  .  .  ; my official birthday party (yes, like the monarch, and yes of course it was in a pub in Otley! See before and after pictures of me, courtesy of the wonderful Patisserie Viennoise.) So why am I telling you all this? Merely to excuse the late delivery this month and the shortage of information in the newsletter – especially from pubs, as I’ve been a bit too busy to collect any! AND the next one or two might be similar, as I’m leading a couple of Chippendale walks in the Otley Walking Festival; continuing to try to raise money to pay for our Yorkshire Day project; and continuing to try to persuade more of the chosen Yorkshire celebrities to attend on the day. [Of course, the pubs could always email me at any time if they want us to promote their events – they don’t have towaituntil I turn up on their doorstep .  .  . if you’re reading this, landlords!]

So it was a perfect time for someone to send in a couple of contributions for the Newsletter, the first of which you’ll find below. Both evoke memories of The Rose & Crown in Otley, which is quite topical, now that another long-serving couple have left the pub. The second contribution will be in the next email.



I’ll keep you up to date every month with all the new, and existing, discounts that you can get with our  OPC ‘Premier’ card. The cards cost a mere £10, and are currently still only on sale at The Curious Hop in Newmarket in Otley, because I haven’t yet got round to sorting the website page. [See pathetic excuses above.] This year’s cards don’t expire until the end of July 2019 either, so you can still get an extra month for your money if you buy now! Current benefits are shown here, and are also included with the individual pub updates at the end of this newsletter. When you use the card, could you please say you are a cardholder before ordering any food or drink, and confirm the savings on offer. This is something completely new both for us and for the pubs, so we want to make sure we get it right without any confusion or mistakes. As you know, staff turnover in the hospitality industry can be huge, and sometimes new personnel don’t know every offer that might be available.

THE YEW TREE – 20% off food [cardholder +1]

THE HORSE & FARRIER – 20% off food [cardholder + 1]

THE FLEECE – 10% off food [cardholder + family]

THE BLACK HORSE HOTEL – 10% off food [cardholder + 1] Thurs, Fri, Sat 12 – 2:30 and 5 – 8 and Sun 12 – 3.

– also 10% off any room bookings made by cardholder for family or friends staying in Otley.


– 10% off all drinks and food [cardholder + 5 max!]



If you missed the Richard Stead breakfast show live from Stew & Oyster in Otley on Tuesday June 5th, you can still catch it here on BBC iPlayer until the end of the month. It was all based on the town’s Chippendale celebrations, and featured many of Otley’s well-known names, like Otley Bellman Terry Ford; town Council Leader Ray Georgeson; town poet Matthew Hedley-Stoppard; town brewer Dr Paul Briscoe; and of course me! [Paul and I are on from about 1hr 10mins.] It was a great promotion, both for the Chippendale celebrations and for Otley itself, and we’re very grateful to the BBC and to Richard for coming to town!



We probably all know that The Rose & Crown on Bondgate is currently sitting empty after Ian and Sue left at the beginning of June. Lots of you are probably also wondering what will happen to it. Will it re-open soon? Ever? Are the rumours you’ve heard about another chain pub venue opening just up the road in Korks really true? [Probably!] Well I’m afraid I can’t tell you yet. I did meet the regional representative for Ei [was Enterprise Inns] a couple of weeks back, but of course he couldn’t tell me either, until he had taken back the pub from the previous tenants. Currently, there are probably all sorts of negotiations taking place about dilapidations, reparations and the like, and then Ei will themselves have to decide what they consider to be the best commercial way forward. All I can say at the moment is that, like the other pubs in Otley, the Rose & Crown is officially agreed to be an asset of community value [ACV], which means that several legislative hoops have to be jumped through before it can be used as anything other than a public house. It’s a beautiful old building and, as you will see from the contributions below, it still evokes a lot of fond memories. So here’s hoping Ei see the value of giving it a bit of a refurb to freshen it up, and re-launching it under new management as a jewel in Otley’s famous pub crown.



This is from Peter Stott, who I hope won’t mind me giving him full accreditation, both for this and the wonderful memories of drinking in the old pub that will appear next time –

There was a time, when I was young, before I had a mobile phone

When fixing up to see your mate required walking to his home.

I’d hammer on the wooden door and say, “I’m going to the pub.”

My pal would say, “Ah’ll get mi coat,” then asked his mother for a sub.

We might start with a pint of Hey’s (That takes me back a long, long while)

And once in many visits we might see that landlord smile.

So seeking better beer and fun we headed into town

To diffidently venture in the good old “Rose & Crown”.

We youngsters wondered if we might be told to take a hike,

But Joe and Margaret said, “Come in!” We thought, “What’s not to like?”

The pianist began to play, the old folk sang along,

We joined in if we knew the words (We learned, as time went on).

That’s more than fifty years gone by, and many a pint’s been sunk.

We always finished happy, and sometimes, yes, quite drunk.


[There is a photo on the Leodis website [which is a superb photographic archive of Leeds, if you’ve never seen it!] that shows the Rose and Crown over 40 years ago. But as the copyright is owned by Leeds Library and Information Service, I can’t reproduce it without their permission, so you’ll have to trust the link if you want to see it!



The Otley Town Centre Races remain the most prestigious criteriums in the British racing calendar, with past winners including Mark Cavendish, Jeremy Hunt, Adam Blythe, Jonny Clay and Chris Walker. Now in their 33rd year, the races in 2018 are set to carry on the long tradition of world class racing in Otley for both men and women. They take place on Wednesday evening, July 4th, and full details are available on the HSBC UK British Cycling website.

These cyclists are the elite of British cycling who have helped to give the sport such a high profile in recent years. There are also supporting races for local amateur riders and various youth races. The races take place around the town and are supported by the local council, businesses and volunteers. It is a hugely popular event which each year attracts thousands of visitors and it offers high quality free entertainment which means it’s always a busy night in town – or at least along Gay Lane, Bondgate and the bottom of Burras Lane. So this year, if you fancy a drink during the evening and the Bondgate pubs are packed, do remember that there are more pubs just a couple of minutes’ walk away in Kirkgate and the Market Place!



Once again Otley Pub Club is hoping to have a stall at the festival on Sunday July 15th where we can give away more samples of free beer! This year the samples will be of Chippendale Ale – the bottled version of local brewer Dr Paul Briscoe’s beer designed and brewed specially for the Chippendale 300 celebrations. We might also be providing the samples at the front of the main stage at some time during the day. Because we’ve been asked in previous years whether we could sell the beer we were offering, we’re going to try to get a licence to sell these bottles this year. [But do take them home and/or give them as presents, and don’t let it stop you visiting Otley’s famous pubs on the day!]

This year, we’ll also be selling our OPC ‘Premier’ cards on the stall, and of course you don’t have to be a member already to buy one – so tell all your friends and family how much they could save when they’re out eating and drinking in Otley if they do! [We can’t give you commission though!!]



There’s still plenty to come in the month-long series of events in town to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the birth of ‘Otley’s Famous Son’ Thomas Chippendale. He was the finest cabinet-maker of his [and probably any other] generation, and despite the Southern Glitterati claiming for some time that he came from Gloucestershire, it’s now accepted that Otley was indeed his home town.

FRIDAY JUNE 22, 19:30 – 21:30 Otley Courthouse will host a couple of expert lectures about Chippendale and his work from Dr Adam Bowett and James Lomax of the Chippendale Society. “Through Tempestuous Seas: Exotic Woods in Chippendale Furniture” and “Thomas Chippendale: Hero of Wharfedale” will help you to better appreciate Thomas Chippendale and his amazing work.

SATURDAY JUNE 23, 14:00 – 16:00 FREE! See 3D models of Chippendale’s chairs being made by a 21st century 3D printer in Old Meets New – Making Chippendale Furniture on a 3D Printer. There’ll also be a film about marquetry, one of the key skills of furniture making. The afternoon will also showcase the younger generation with an exhibition of their work inspired by Thomas Chippendale. 10 year olds and under are invited to submit their art work connected with Chippendale on the day. Ideas for art work include making a marquetry fan, a chair design, a motif on a clay tile and gilding the motif.  See the visit Otley website and follow the links to see how to make these items, and to read about Thomas Chippendale and his early life in Otley. [And on the day look out for the special Chippendale chocolate coins made by local chocolatiers at Patisserie Viennoise.]

TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26 at 11:00, and JUNE 27 at 19:00 FREE! 2 guided walks as part of the Otley Walking Festival programme. Visit locations associated with Chippendale’s early life in 18th century Otley and, as they are being led by me, they will both finish at a pub! On Tuesday lunchtime it will be Stew & Oyster – the Old Prince Henry’s Grammar School; on Wednesday The Black Bull – the oldest unchanged pub in Otley, which would have looked pretty much the same as it does now when it was serving ale in Chippendale’s day!

THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE OF JUNE There is still more! An exhibition about Chippendale’s life all month in All Saints Church; An exhibition of photographs of Chippendale furniture upstairs in Stew & Oyster – which are all available to purchase; a specially commissioned  flower bed in tribute to Chippendale in Wharfemeadows Park; a self-guided walking map showing locations associated with Chippendale’s early life, and buildings from the time that are still in town; guided walks in Otley Walking Festival; and more! There really will be something for everyone to enjoy, and our thanks go to Lawrence Ross from Otley Town Partnership and all his team for making it happen. Let’s show the nation, and the world once again that Otley not only knows how to put on a show, but also how to enjoy itself! Details of all the events taking place during June are on the visit Otley website as above.


As mentioned at the start, the Thwaites dray, complete with draymen and shire horses, took part in the carnival parade. This was despite all the trouble, theft and damage caused by an invasion of travellers at their Blackburn site over the last bank holiday weekend that we thought might even prevent their taking part in the parade altogether. Otley Pub Club had been planning the visit for several months, in conjunction with David Stephan, the landlord of The Manor House. The usual dray Thwaites use nowadays for these events had been damaged in the invasion, and the brakes on this one were not suitable for hills – meaning the horses had to provide virtually all the braking themselves! Consequently, as the parade slowed down to a stop going over the bridge, the dray had to hold back until it had a free run up and over the bridge itself. Unfortunately, this meant that hundreds of people walked in front of it, and by the time it did manage to enter the field, there were too many people going in and out of the gate to allow it to enter the showground itself. So instead, we just stayed in the lorry park, where families and small children could get up close and personal with the

horses and their draymen while avoiding the crowds inside.

Jon and Phil arrived with the lorry containing the horses and dray before 10 o clock, so they could polish everything up and make sure Ribble and Gunner (the horses) looked perfect. They were up at the Manor House before midday, stayed over the river to let the crowds see them for about half an hour after the parade, then headed back to The Manor House after 3-o-clock. They then had to go back over to the lorry to dismantle everything and pack it away before driving back over to Blackburn, where they would have to make sure the horses were fed and stabled after a long day for all of them. And they have to do this sometimes 2 or 3 times a week throughout the summer. [The furthest they have ever travelled to an individual event is Southampton!] The draymen were very professional and well-rehearsed, and the horses were extremely placid and well-trained, to say they were only 3 and 5 years old. The horses were really popular with young and old on the day, with hundreds of people taking photos of them as we walked with them through town, and we are really grateful to everyone involved for making their participation possible at such a difficult time. [Just a shame we didn’t have an Otley Pub Club banner on the dray, to advertise ourselves a bit! But we didn’t want to spoil its appearance.]



We usually only include here anything special going on over the next month. If a pub’s not mentioned, don’t worry – it [probably!] hasn’t closed, and the regular weekly quiz, open mic or whatever will still be on. We’re constantly updating our website to try to include all those regular events so you can check them out at any time. Information changes all the time, so you can never be 100% sure, but we’ll do our best.


  • Open Mic night first Wednesday of month
  • Grolsch now on tap
  • 30 odd gins available
  • All world cup matches shown
  • Keep an eye on Facebook page for any other special events


  • Ace of Spades Jackpot game every Wednesday at 7:00 PM
  • Quiz Night every Tuesday at 9:00 PM
  • Fizz Fridays with prosecco at £10.50 a bottle
  • 23/6 One Year Anniversary of Chris taking over the Swan. There will be a  party featuring food, a new menu and music by Kieran La Fox
  • All world cup matches shown


  • 30/6 Brewery tour to Kirkstall brewery, tickets from bar
  • Every Tuesday from 9:00 PM on, there is a folk play along upstairs.
  • Other details on Twitter or Facebook


  • Irish Trad Sessions every Sunday from 9:00 PM
  • Open Mic Night every Friday from 8:30 PM
  • Manor Sessions every Thursday
  • 21/6     Scott Wainwright, The Keatings and Open Mic
  • 28/6     Ruth Nielson, Jon Taylor and Open Mic
  • 5/7       Mila Lee, David Broad and Open Mic
  • 12/7     Greg Mulholland, Leather’o and Open Mic
  • Saturday music
  • 23/6 Joe Gallagher and John Taylor
  • 7/7 Dr Brown
  • 14/7 Andy Myers
  • All world cup matches shown


  • Every Wednesday from 7pm – Bingo!
  • Every Sunday from 3pm – Karaoke.
  • Every day – Horse racing shown on TV
  • Dominos now available [The game, not the Pizza!!]
  • New opening hours are on the OPC website.


  • Beers £2:50 a pint, Thursday to Sunday
  • Otley Folk Club upstairs every Wednesday evening.
  • Offer to OPC card holders is 10% off food (Card holder + 1: Thurs, Fri, Sat 12 – 2:30 and 5 – 8 and Sun 12 – 3. ALSO 10% off any room bookings – especially useful if you have friends or relatives coming to stay in Otley!)


  • 6 hand pulls. Over 30 gins, over 30 whisk(e)y labels
  • Open for breakfast.
  • Tuesday baby mornings
  • Thursday quiz night start 20:00 win a £40 voucher
  • Friday night is pie night. FREE PIES!
  • 29th gin night.5 different flavoured gins. Starting 19:00 £20
  • Offer to OPC card holders is 10% off all drinks and food (Card holder + any party size up to 6 in total.)


  • 5 handpull and 20 plus gins
  • New assistant manager Jessica started. Pop in and say welcome. She’s from Accrington but don’t hold that against her.
  • Thursdays is open mic night with Cleve Freckleton. Have a go singing or playing in a supportive atmosphere.
  • All world cup games shown. 


  • 4 handpulls, range of bottled beer at £5 for 2
  • Monday board game night
  • Tuesday quiz starts 21:00 win a meal voucher
  • Thursday seniors lunch £4.95
  • Friday FREE FOOD in the Tap room. FREE WINE if spending £20 on food.
  • Sunday quiz start 20:45. Win a meal voucher
  • 1st Saturday of the month karaoke
  • June 23rd Rock n Roll bingo. How well do you know your music?
  • All world cup games shown in both bars.
  • Offer to OPC card holders is 20% off food ( Card holder + 1 and not in conjunction with the Carvery or pensioners lunch)


  • Offer to OPC card holders is 10% off food ( Card holder + family and not on Sundays or Bank Holidays or in conjunction with any other offer.)


  • 6 hand pull beers. Over 70 gins!!
  • Quiz night Wednesday. Starting 20:30 win a meal voucher and a cash prize.
  • 21st – Ascot Ladies Day in the marquee
  • 23rd – Otley Walking Festival calling in as part of the 4pubs walk
  • 30th – Harley Davidson rally. Up to 150 Harley Davidson bikes in one place. Calling in to the Roebuck from 1400 for an hour.



[JDWetherspoon have closed all individual pub Facebook accounts, so remember any page you see for The Bowling Green will be unofficial.]





















[JDWetherspoon have also closed all individual pub official Twitter accounts]



















[JDWetherspoon have also closed all individual pub official Instagram accounts]

Otley Pub Club

Stew and Oyster


– – / / – – / / – – / / – –


Finally, my usual apologies for errors and/or omissions. If you are receiving these newsletters and any other correspondence from Otley Pub Club by email, but you no longer want them, just email the return address and let me know. On the other hand, if you stop receiving our newsletters in future but you still want to be a member, something’s gone wrong! Remember this email address for the future – secretary@otleypubclub.co.uk , or get in touch via the website and I’ll put you back on the mailing list right away. Thanks!


Bob Brook

OPC Secretary


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