Last month I was saying it looked as though the majority of the Otley Pub Club committee’s problems might be over, with Julie and Eddie joining and taking up active roles straight away. Well things got even better, with the addition of Cate Perman, who has offered to be our correspondence/admin secretary – which means pretty much everything is covered again now! Thanks to all three for the early Christmas present, and on to the rest of the good news.

We also have a pretty healthy-looking bank balance for once, following the sale of some more Premier cards at this year’s Otley Beer Festival. The only teeny-weeny problem is that we still owe more to creditors than we have in the account, but still – we’re getting there! We helped BBC Radio Leeds run their Children in Need ‘Pub Quiz Crawl’; we played a big part in the 12 days of Otley Christmas tourism video; we had a high profile at the Beer Festival; and we’ve been involved early on with the LS21 Community Interest Company who are putting a bid together to buy the freehold of The Black Horse Hotel. In the middle of all that was the 33rd [can you believe it?] annual Otley Victorian Fayre, where 7 pubs took part in the Victorian Alehouse competition, and there’s more about all these events below. Watch out for more exciting news in the January Newsletter as well, as Otley Pub Club enters its 10th anniversary year.



Do you know anyone who likes going out to pubs? Of course you do! But have they heard of our Premier cards? Maybe not. In that case, there’s still time for you to buy them one of the cards for Christmas. Slip it inside their Christmas card and they can start getting reduced cost drinks and meals, vinyl and T-shirts right away. I was talking to someone in a pub [naturally] in Otley last week, and when I said something about where I could use my Premier membership card, she said she’d never heard of them. When I explained what they were, and the savings you can make by using them, she wanted to sign up right away! We still love to share the story of one of our members who bought a card, then went out with his family and saved more than the card had cost him – over just one weekend! You can buy them for just £10 at The Curious Hop beer shop in Newmarket, and soon also at Groove Pad – Beer & Vinyl in Orchard Gate shopping centre. Your friends will thank you for months of cheap food and drink.

All the offers are highlighted against individual pubs at the end of the newsletter. The only thing to remember when you use the card, is to say you are a cardholder before ordering, and confirm the savings on offer before they start ringing up the full price in the till! Sometimes new personnel behind the bar don’t know every offer that might be available either, or might have to get the discount authorised by a duty manager. Sadly, The Horse & Farrier have withdrawn from the scheme under orders from head office, but Groove Pad in Orchard Gate have joined the scheme, and have more than made up for the loss!



The Black Horse Hotel

Ei [formerly Enterprise Inns] who own the building, put the freehold up for sale at the end of October, which meant that rules surrounding disposal of an Asset of Community Value [ACV] applied immediately. That meant any local community group or charity had until December 12th to tell Leeds City Council they were preparing a bid to buy it. If no such bid was made, the hotel could

 have been sold on the open market – as long as it continued to operate as a public house/hotel. A local group [which we believe will be called LS21, or something which indicates its commitment to keep the business and its suppliers as local to Otley as possible] has indeed made such a commitment. Within the ACV rules they now have until May 1st 2019 to get the money together and present their final bid to Ei. In the meantime, the official ACV advice says “During this period the owner may continue to market and negotiate sales, but may not exchange contracts (or enter into a binding contract to do so later).” We’ll try to keep you up to date with progress on this, but keep a look out for the business case, fund raising and prospectus details being released, so you can all contribute to bringing this huge asset to Otley into community ownership.

The Bay Horse

Graham has given up his tenancy, and we believe the new lessee also currently runs The Black Horse Hotel and The Half Moon in Pool! The new manageress is called Malwina, and she has already brought back one of the old Bay Horse traditions – ‘Vernon’s famous beef and dripping sandwiches’ [with meat from Middlemiss butchers in town]. She’s also smartened up the seating in the main bar and generally made the place look smart and welcoming. If you’ve not been in for a while, why not call in for a Christmas pint of Tetley’s and a sandwich and say hello?

The Rose & Crown

Following Sue and Ian’s long stint in charge of the Rose & Crown you’ve probably [like us] been wondering what the new landlords are going to make of it. Well I met them this week, and I can tell you briefly what their vision is for the pub. [Of course that vision doesn’t always come to pass, and sometimes it’s the customers who ultimately decide what ‘sort’ of a pub it will be!] But one thing Glenn and Mandy did tell me was that they will definitely NOT be hosting late night discos. They are looking to make the pub appealing to a slightly older age group, with a relaxed atmosphere and only quiet background music. They will be providing food once they’re settled in, but it won’t be like the old wide-ranging lunchtime menu. It’s more likely to be more modern faster food like a range of burgers and pizzas. For those of you wondering what the beer will be like, all the beer lines have been removed and new ones installed, so the beers should have the best possible chance to be good quality! The couple run 2 other pubs already [seems to be becoming a habit in Otley!] but are looking forward to moving in to the accommodation at The R&C. They said they’ve always loved Otley when they came to visit, and are really looking forward to living here. Theyre hoping to open this Thursday, December 20th and I for one will be going down to greet them. Why not join me?



My original wording under this heading, to remind me to write something, was “It was very good”. Unfortunately I had my one and only cold of the year, so I wasn’t able to appreciate it as much as I would have liked. I did manage to put in a couple of hours on Saturday, and chatted to a few of the people who had come up on a CAMRA coach trip from Nottingham. One of them had even travelled for over an hour from Birmingham to get to Nottingham for the trip, and was hoping they would make the return deadline of 21:30 so he could catch his train home! It’s good to know that Otley’s fame spreads far and wide, whether it’s because of the Beer Festival, or the pubs. A few of the coach trippers asked us which local pubs we would recommend, as they wanted to ‘nip out’ and have a few glasses around town. Naturally, we never recommend any pubs over any others as we try to support them all equally, but we did ask them exactly what they were looking for and were able to give them a few relevant names. [One they specifically asked about was The Bowling Green – presumably so they could spend their CAMRA 50p vouchers!]

I can’t let OBF 2018 go by though, without thanking the organisers for letting us sell our Premier cards and display our new merchandise range in the main hall alongside the craft beer bar. Not only did we manage to sell quite a few cards, but we also raised the profile of the Pub Club and even let people in Nottingham know about our existence! [Photo is NOT from OBF – it’s the Falcon Club’s winning team in the Children in Need quiz.



This report about pubs from the Office for National Statistics makes for interesting reading! It claims that although 1 in 4 pubs has closed since 2008, the overall turnover in the sector has remained pretty static. [Must be all those craft bars charging £6 a pint!] The website also has an interactive feature that tells you what’s happening to pubs in your area, when you input your postcode. The trouble is LS21 just shows the data for the whole of Leeds. Leeds apparently has 5.7 pubs per 10,000 people, against the national average of 5.8. By my count, Otley has over FIFTEEN pubs for every 10,000 residents. Go figure that one out! Don’t we keep on saying we’re a #famouspubtown?



Back in 2012 The Times included an article about shops in Kent being converted into pubs, which they said ‘might just change the drinking habits of a Nation’. They said the 14’ by 12’ Butcher’s Arms in Herne was the original ‘Micropub’ – 2 tables, cask ale only, mobile phones banned and conversation between customers encouraged. Now, in the Sunday Times Travel Supplement of November 25th they say these tiny bars “are flourishing along the length of the East Kent coast”. That might well be the case – maybe in Whitstable [dubbed ‘Islington on Sea’] for instance, there are enough ex-commuters who have earned a sufficient pot of money in the capital to retire early, buy a cheap shop, and pretend it’s a proper pub. Some of them seem quite petulant about not being able to do exactly what they choose though. Martyn Hillier, from The Butcher’s Arms above said “It all started with a change in the law that meant wannabe landlords no longer had to advertise their application in advance – “at which point the big boys used to step in and object”. [Got to love that image of plucky little individuals just wanting to provide a public service, when in fact many of them probably don’t open 2 days a week, open from about 2 till 10 and close at teatime on Sunday – not exactly what public houses are famed for!

Then there’s Richard Collins of ‘Rams 12Degrees’ in Rochester, who is apparently ‘still smarting from the bureaucratic hurdles he had to overcome before he could open. He is quoted as saying “I thought the council would be more mature!” [Again with the anti-‘red tape’ argument – why can’t I just do what I want, where I want?] Then there’s The 4 Candles [yes!] in Broadstairs where the reporter Andrew Eames says “It feels as though [landlord Mike Beaumont] has invited his friends into his front room.

And it’s at this point I revert to my personal view of what I want from a pub. Not everyone wants to go and squeeze onto a bench next to a couple of the pub’s next door neighbours who go in every day; who just want to talk about how the EU are stealing our fish; and who, when you say you’re a vegetarian, launch into the “I bet you’d eat meat if you were dying of starvation though!” argument. What about young couples who are still in the first throes of a relationship and want to go out for a drink to get to know each other. The last thing they want is to sit surrounded by old beer-drinking men making smutty remarks and giggling into their pints. Proper pubs should be all things to all people – folk of any gender, sexual orientation, colour or creed ought to be able to feel comfortable, and not as though they’re walking into the landlord’s front room. What about people who like rock music rather than two fiddles and a flute? Or families that want to go out for a meal in a pub with music and games? Large groups of young men and women who see pub crawls on a Friday night as a way of meeting up with potential new partners? And all the hundreds of different pub customers not suited by two tables and 4 real ales? [Photo shows me in less grumpy mood in one of my favourite pubs – The Angel in Leeds city centre.]

So what, you might say – surely micropubs and new bars in converted shops just provide a different experience for those who DO want it. What harm is it doing? Well unfortunately it’s killing off the pubs that for centuries have provided the whole range of food and drink and entertainment services that this country is so well known for. As we’ve seen above, traditional pubs are dying off at a rapid rate, and yet the amount spent in the industry is hardly changing. We all know the raft of reasons causing the demise of big old pubs, but I for one don’t want to lose them just because it’s now relatively cheap and easy to open a bar that’s not open 7 days a week; that doesn’t offer even a half-decent range of products and services; that charges only slightly less than the POB prices surrounding it so the landlord can make a decent living (and why not?) compared to the tenant up the road; that means you’re squashed in next to some sweaty old boring boozer, or posh local who wants to tell you about his Range Rover and his daughter’s new pony . . . OK, that’s enough, I’m going out for a pint now, in the corner of a snug with a roaring fire and a free newspaper, and hope the drinking habits of a nation never do change!



We had a great time hosting BBC Radio Leeds’s Children in Need event on the Thursday evening before Children in Need day. A number of quiz teams signed up for a ‘crawl’ round the pubs of Otley, answering a different round of questions in each one. Otley Bellman Terry Ford led the troops round town, and Otley Pub Club’s President and Chairman both accompanied them. The winning team on the night came from The Falcon Club on Westgate, and the top-scoring pub team was Dog’s B’s from Whitakers! Dotted around this newsletter are a couple of pictures from the night itself, and one from The Black Bull on Friday morning, when Richard Stead’s Breakfast Programme was presented live from the pub. This is the second event of 2018 where we’ve collaborated with Richard and the team, and we’d be delighted to do so again if ever they want us to! You can see videos of the night as well, here on BBC Radio Leeds Twitter.



We were delighted when James Ellis of Endure Communications asked us whether we would like to take part in the filming for this year’s Visit Otley promotional Christmas video. Not unnaturally we offered ourselves as extras in the many pub scenes that appear in the video, and spent most of the filming time with a glass in our hand! [Like the early scenes in Stew & Oyster]. For some of the time the glass was replaced by a pork pie – notably behind the bar of The Old Cock. And finally in The Junction we were upstaged by a dog with tinsel round its neck! The video’s been seen a ridiculously high number of times online, and apart from a few moans – probably from people who weren’t in it! – has been really well received by everyone. If you haven’t yet seen it [and I don’t believe you!] it’s on the Visit Otley website.



 Well, get down to the pub then! The Guardian recently asked readers for examples of “everyday things that represent non-capitalist living”, and one of the suggestions was to go to the pub when it’s live music night. “No money changes hands, except for buying drinks – which also helps saving pubs.” We obviously couldn’t agree more! The article [which you can find online here] shares readers views on everything from stopping using banks to turning the volume off when ads are on TV! It also says ‘Allotments are the answer to almost everything’, which is nice!



Once again we were able to run our Victorian Alehouse competition for the Elise Brumfitt Trophy, with 7 town centre pubs wanting to take part this year. The keenness of pubs to take part, and the quality of the costumes especially, seemed to reflect a similar attitude throughout the whole Fayre. Not only were there the usual numbers of traditional Victorian outfits around town, but this year a fair number of steampunk ones as well! [Let’s hope that turns into a ‘thing’ in future years!] Fayre organiser Steph Lee told me that many of the stallholders – and especially those who had visited for the first time – had said they were pleased at how many people turned up despite the weather, and at how much business they had done. Several individual landlords I spoke to said the same, so I do hope it was a successful day all round for Otley’s pubs and businesses, and not just for those who were visiting for the day.

The overall winners of our Victorian Alehouse Trophy – the ‘Elise Brumfitt’ cup – were the staff of The Black Horse Hotel. The Old Cock kept up their tremendous record, by coming second again, and third was another regular entrant – North Bar Social. Honourable mentions for costumes were also awarded to individual staff members in North Bar Social, Whitakers and The Bowling Green. All of them received an individual certificate, and our congratulations go to each and every one of them. Also, our thanks to everyone who took part – your efforts make the whole event more attractive to visitors and residents alike, and are much appreciated by everyone!



‘Save St Albans Pubs’ is a not for profit group fighting a 70% hike in business rates that will cause closures, loss of jobs and tourism in the city of St Albans. This video shows their local MP Anne Main discussing the situation, along with the views of CAMRA members and St Albans pub landlords. Paying high rates is certainly one of the current problems some pubs are facing but, as we’ve said before, it’s certainly not the only one. Pub Owning Businesses’ [POBs] tied house/above-market-rent leasing models also squeeze every penny of profit they can out of publicans. Landlords might be able to live on the premises, but many are working 100 hours a week for less than the living wage per hour for the privilege! So we support this campaign and others like it that are fighting to save our local and historic pubs [and I hope they don’t mind me pinching their logo off the internet to share with you!]




The Churchill Arms in Kensington has been dubbed the most festive pub in the United Kingdom, following its adornment with 97 Christmas trees and 21,500 lights! The Fullers Brewery website explains how the pub has become famous not just for its extravagant Christmas displays, but also for its plant and flower displays during the rest of the year. Once again I’m hoping they won’t mind me sharing one of the photos from their website – as it’s promoting one of their pubs – but there are more on the link. If you’re down that way for your Christmas shopping, and you fancy dropping in to the pub, perhaps you could take a photo yourself and send it to me for next time!



Well OK, maybe there is, but I was there for the best part of three days out in the city on my own, while Mrs B was in Congress [a Physiotherapy one]. I know we always say pubs are very sociable community spaces – perfect for meeting people and sharing stories. But in the best bars in the narrow streets of Antwerp, where the locals not only speak Flemish, but even an ‘Aantwaarp’ dialect some other Dutch speakers apparently struggle to understand, sharing anything might have proven difficult! Nevertheless, I did manage to have a few different beers while I was out there [not just Vedett and Duvel] and I would certainly recommend the city as a great place to visit. I managed to get about €80 value out pf my city transport and attractions card, that cost me just €40 for 3 days. I was also lucky enough to be there when Antwerp’s special baroque festival was on, celebrating its most famous son Peter Paul Rubens. If you like fine historic art and architecture the churches and cathedral will delight, as will the numerous paintings by Rubens, Van Dyck and all three Breughels! And there’s beer! I took a tram to the de Konnink brewery for a tour [both free with my Antwerp City card] where I was the only visitor when it opened at 10am. So by 10:05 I was drinking my first free beer [a Tripel d’Anvers at 7.9% – at 10:05!] before going round a self-guided and automated tour that was the best brewery tour I’ve been on. Before leaving to use my card on art galleries and museums, I had the second free beer – a Bolleke at a mere 5.2% – which, as the barman told me, always tastes best when you drink it right where it was brewed! I won’t bore you with the other beers I sampled over there – except for one. A Hijfte-brewed IPA in a bar called Gollemke near the Cathedral, called Gollem’s Precious!



Probably not many people in Otley, let alone in Leeds, realise that the longest-lasting brewery in the City and environs – brewing non-stop now for 20 years – is Briscoe’s brewery in Otley. There was a low-key celebration of the event in November for brewer Dr Paul Briscoe at The Old Cock, which is one of the pubs that regularly stocks his beers. Here he is being toasted with a couple of glasses of his own brew by Greg Mulholland, OPC President, and Jeff Utley MBE one of the organisers of Otley Beer Festival. The traditional gift for a 20th anniversary used to be china, but if anyone feels moved to buy Paul a gift it’s apparently now platinum! I wonder how much a platinum mash tun would cost?



A recent article in The Independent said that “people living in colder regions with less sunlight are more likely to be heavy drinkers, according to a new study.” It reports that people in Russia and – err – Wisconsin drink a lot, and the study suggests that alcohol advertising should be restricted during winter months! If only this were April, I might think there was a joke in there somewhere!


It does seem to be supported by these two reports on the countries that drink the most alcohol per capita – The first from, which does manage to include Australia in the top ten [yay for the Aussies!] and the second from good old Wikipedia itself, which slots Portugal [?] in at number 11. Funny – I always seem to drink more when I’m on holiday in the sun than I do here when it’s too blooming damp and cold and miserable to go out! Maybe that’s why Wiki puts the UK at only #25th in its list.


If you look at the list of names of the lowest alcohol-consuming countries on the Vinepair page, there might be more than a touch of religious regulation of alcohol consumption affecting the figures in hot Middle Eastern and Asian countries!



You know that story about how French parents introduce their children to wine drinking while they’re still quite young, and that’s why they have less of a problem with drunks than we do in the UK? Well this article in The Guardian sort of explodes that myth, by quoting Colin Shevills, the director of Balance, an alcohol awareness group funded by 12 local authorities in north-east England.  He claims that France actually has twice the rate of alcohol dependence of the UK [and they’re 7 places above us in the Wiki list!]

There’s certainly a very serious issue here, as alcohol affects children faster than adults. According to Dr John Green, a GP in Prudhoe, Northumberland “Medical evidence is clear that drinking can also affect the normal development of children’s vital organs and functions, including the brain, liver, bones and hormones. It is also linked to their mental health, can lead to feelings of depression among children and it can also affect their performance at school.” On the other hand, just look at the number of kids who go to their first alcohol party, or freshers week at college, and finish up in real danger because they have no idea about the potential effects of alcohol. And you could go mad just comparing all the different and conflicting statistics – I need another drink now – back to that roaring fire, this time with a good book [fiction] maybe! [Although I do remember our previous “pantsdrunk” story about Finland, so maybe at least the Cold/Warm country thing IS true?]




Bit of a mixture this month, as landlords rush around getting ready for the busy holiday period, and the rest of us just enjoy ourselves going to parties and pre-Christmas meals! Some pubs were able to tell us their holiday opening hours, others still weren’t sure at the time we visited. Some were able to tell us about events coming up, others not so much! We try our best. Thanks to all the Pub Liaison Officers for giving up their time every month to go round and visit their pubs, and to the landlords and staff who give ALL their time throughout the year to provide Otley with the best of all possible pubs! A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.



Xmas Eve                     14:00 till Midnight

Xmas Day                    11:00 till 14:00

Boxing Day                  16:00 till 11:00

New Year’s Eve           15:00 till 01:00

New Year’s Day           Closed

  • New Year’s Eve – Magic Rock Tap Takeover
  • DJ vinyl night monthly – third Wednesday of the Month


Xmas Eve                     08:00 – 01:00

Xmas Day                    11:00 – 15:00

Boxing Day                  09:00 – Midnight

New Year’s Eve           08:00 – 01:00

New Year’s Day           09:00 – 12:00


Xmas Eve                     09:00 – Midnight

Xmas Day                    Closed

Boxing Day                  Closed

New Year’s Eve           09:00 – 01:00

New Year’s Day           Closed

  • 4 x cask ales and 3 keg when we visited, from Saltaire, Black Sheep, Weetwood, BrewDog and London Fields
  • Tuesdays Open mike night from 8:00pm
  • Sundays live music from 2:00pm
  • Looking for something different for that someone special, why not give them a Groove Pad gift voucher.  Now available in store.
  • Offer to OPC Premier card holders is 10% off clothing and vinyls on production of the card.  They will also be stocking one of each of the OPC T-shirts/hoodies for customers to order through them, as well as stocking the Premier cards themselves!


  • ?


  • ?


Open 12-3 Christmas day

Open until midnight New Year’s Eve


  • ?


Xmas Eve                     11:00 till Midnight

Xmas Day                    12:00 till 15:00

Boxing Day                  11:00 till Midnight

New Year’s Eve           11:00 till late

New Year’s Day           11:00 till Midnight


  • Hoping to open this Thursday, December 19th! Call in and see Glenn and Mandy before Christmas and welcome them to Otley.


Xmas Day                    12:00 till 15:00

New Year’s Eve           12:00 till 01:00

New Year’s Day           12:00 till 18:00

  • 2 cask ales from Goose Eye plus Worthington and John Smiths when we visited.


  • ?


  • ?


  • ?


Xmas Eve                     12:00 till 23:00

Xmas Day                    12:00 till 15:00 (tbc)

Boxing Day                  13:00 till 23:00

New Year’s Eve           12:00 till 00:30

New Year’s Day           12:00 till 23:00 (tbc)

  • ‘Vernon’s famous beef and dripping sandwiches’ have returned in response to public demand. Just £2 each. [Meat from Middlemiss.]
  • Ask for a drinks loyalty card – buy 10 [of the same drink] and get the 11th free.


  • Otley Folk Club meetings every Wednesday night upstairs. This Wednesday, December 19th is the annual visit of the fabulous Anglo/French trio The Churchfitters
  • We haven’t been able to discuss the existing offer to OPC card holders with the new management in detail, but it should still be 10% off food AND off room bookings. Please check with staff onsite before committing to expenditure though!


  • Offer to OPC card holders is 10% off all drinks and food (Card holder + any party up to 6 in total.)


Opening times – see photo [although if the pub empties before 11 on Boxing Day and/or New Year’s Day, they might decide to close early.]

  • Festive menu continues up to and including December 30th
  • Offer to OPC card holders has been withdrawn by Market Town Taverns, as they have their own loyalty card starting in 2019. So why not ask for one of them when you go in after the holidays?


Xmas Eve                 Disco till 12 pm

Xmas Day                 12 – 3 PM

Boxing Day               12 noon Full Menu

New Years Eve       Party till late – no ticket required but come early

New Years Day       12 noon  Full menu

  • Offer to OPC card holders is 20% off food (Card holder + 1 and not in conjunction with the Carvery or pensioners lunch)

JUNCTION (#keepingmusicliveandfree – see photo!)

Xmas Eve                     Open till Midnight

Xmas Day                    12:00 till 15:00

New Year’s Eve           Open till 01:00

  • No fewer than ELEVEN cask ales when we visited. Regulars Old Peculier, Landlord and Theakstons Best. Usually Hambleton Stud Blonde, others constantly changing – included 2 from Oscars in Preston.
  • Check the facebook page regularly for updates on music and quizzes!


Normal opening over Christmas

  • Open Mic Night on first Sunday in January (6/1/19)
  • Bookings still open for Christmas lunch but are filling quickly
  • We’ve had an initial discussion with Geoff, the new landlord at The Fleece, and he’s willing to continue an offer to OPC card holders. We’ll let you know what that offer is as soon as they are agreed.


  • Happy hour is every hour
  • Quiz Wednesdays win a meal voucher and the chance for £100 cash


Xmas Eve                     12:00 till 22:00, food till 18:00

Xmas Day                    Closed

Boxing Day                  12:00 (or maybe earlier) till 22:00, food till 18:00

New Year’s Eve           12:00 till 22:00, food till 18:00

New Year’s Day           As normal – 12:00 to 11:00

  • (Sneaked a look at the chef’s copy of the festive menu for the next 2 weeks, but you’ll have to click and enlarge.)
  • Black Sheep bitter and Wharfedale Blonde always on Cask + 1 guest. Currently Bingley Christmas Comet [back for its second festive season!], next up Hop Shot. Plus a wide range of ciders, lagers etc on 7 chrome taps.
  • Offer to OPC card holders is 10% off drinks at the bar [cardholder + 1]. Buy a card before Christmas, and get your money back in savings over the holidays!!



















































Otley Pub Club

Stew and Oyster


– – / / – – / / – – / / – –


Finally, my usual apologies for errors and/or omissions. If you are receiving these newsletters and any other correspondence from Otley Pub Club by email, but you no longer want them, just email the return address and let me know. On the other hand, if you stop receiving our newsletters in future but you still want to be a member, something’s gone wrong! Remember this email address for the future – , or get in touch via the website and I’ll put you back on the mailing list right away. Thanks!



Bob Brook

OPC Newsletter Editor


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